Probate Valuations 

Valuations for Inheritance Tax purposes (often called probate valuations) are an important part of administering an estate. 

We provide valuations of works of art, antiques and collectables for inheritance tax purposes in accordance with the Section 160 of the Inheritance Tax Act 1984.


Professional Valuations:

A professional probate valuation does not only help to ensure your peace of mind, but it also serves many other purposes:

  • It enables HMRC to calculate the correct amount of inheritance tax payable
  • It can identify and value items listed in the will, which is useful for executors
  • It can establish the approximate value of assets, which is helpful for equitable division

Leighton Hall Auctions are very proud to offer our professional service for Probate and Insurance Valuations which consist of full written reports detailing contents of a household or collection. If you require a probate valuation, one of our valuers shall come out to the property and assess all the contents which will then be documented in a written report with complementing photographs as well as current valuations in today's market for antiques.


Specialist Appraisals:

We often carry out probate valuations and we can appraise antiques to include pottery, gold, silver, jewellery, furniture, militaria, clocks, enamel signs, paintings and anything else appropriate to our specialists.

Probate Valuation Costs: 

Our fees are £100 for the first hour, £75 per hour thereafter and travel at £0.45/mile – all subject to VAT. Travel is free to all estates local to the Stone / Eccleshall area.

Although each estate is different, a typical probate valuation would take around 2-3 hours to complete which includes the time at the property and also the time compiling the probate document in our offices. We can also assist with the sale of the articles too in one of our specialist or monthly auctions.

If you would you like more information about our Probate and Insurance Valuations services then please do get in touch for a no-obligation conversation about our services.