World War One Death Memorial Plaques

Posted On: 07 Jul 2021 by Toby Hall

A short insight into World War One Death Memorial Plaques

Here are two of examples of a World War One Memorial Death Plaque which were sometimes otherwise known as a 'Death Penny', 'Death Plaque' or a 'Widow's Penny.
These were made from bronze and were given to a Soldier's family or next of kin when a soldier had sadly fallen to his death during WWI. The soldier's name would then be added onto the death penny and sent to the family after they received a telegram from the War Office.
'He Died For Freedom And Honour' was also inscripted onto the Death Plaque to remind the family of the soldier's bravery as they paid the ultimate sacrifice.
These 2 death pennys were awarded to John Thomas Colley and Roger Marshall and these names can then be researched and traced to the location of their death along with the date, time and regiment they served in.
These sombre items are very collectable in modern times also it is a shame to see them separated from their family homes. Both plaques are available in our July sale and are expected to make between £40-£80 each.