September Specialist Sale of Gold, Silver and Jewellery

Posted On: 07 Jul 2021 by Toby Hall

In September, we are holding our first Specialist sale of Gold, Silver and Jewellery! Entries are accepted until Wednesday 18th August 2021. We are delighted to offer free no-obligation valuations of all gold, silver and jewellery that you may be interested in selling. 0% sellers' commission for all gold coins entered into this auction. Please contact us for more information!


Specialist sale of Gold, Silver and Jewellery


In September, Leighton Hall Auctions will hold their first Specialist sale of Gold, Silver and Jewellery on 18th September starting immediately after our Antiques and Collectables sale. We are currently accepting entries for this sale in September and are offering free no-obligation valuations for any items that you may be interested in selling. We offer a favourable sellers' commission rate whilst we advertise our catalogues across the globe on 3 online bidding platforms to include Leighton Live, the-saleroom and Easylive Auctions to achieve the best results for our vendors. 


Currently entered into our sale is a 3 piece silver tea set to consist of a teapot milk and sugar totalling a gross weight of 936 grams. There is also a silver fruit bowl which weighs 342 grams amongst other entries to so far include a silver teapot, a silver two-handled porringer amongst much more to include Albert chains, vesta cases and other silver items. 


We also have a good amount of gold and silver jewellery entered to include an 18ct ruby and diamond ring, gold chains, rings and other great items. Gold is currently demanding a high price so now is an ideal to consider selling to achieve top prices compared to the market approximately 18 months ago!


Furthermore, to celebrate our first Specialist Sale, we are offering a 0% sellers' commission on any Gold Coins entered into the auction. Since March 2020, the price of Sovereigns, Half Sovereigns and other gold coins have risen in value and still continue to fetch a high price in the current climate. If you decide to sell in our first specialist auction and use our 0% commission offer, you will receive 100% of the coin's selling price resulting in our vendors receiving the best price possible for gold coins!


If you have any Gold, Silver or Jewellery that you would be interested in selling or if you would like to use our 0% sellers commission on gold coins, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with us!


You can either send an email to, call the office on 01538 710358 WhatsApp pictures to 07376 039387 or use the contact form on our website to get in touch!