July Antiques & Collectors Auction (Online Only). - 652 Lots

20th Jul 2024 from 9:30am
Leighton Hall Auctions
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Sale Description:
July Antiques & Collectors Auction (Online Only).

Viewing Day: Friday 19th July 2024 between 9:30am-4:30pm. Please feel free to come and view any items without making an appointment. All shall be on display and accessible easily for you as well as complimentary hot beverages and water. Please be considerate of our neighbouring units when parking and try to only park on our allocated parking if possible.

Leighton Hall Auctions LTD are extremely proud to present their catalogue for their ONLINE-ONLY sale at 9:30am on Saturday 20th July 2024.

We are pleased to hold a public viewing day on Friday 19th July between 9:30am and 4:30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend and no appointments are necessary. Please be respectful of our neighbours on the industrial estate and please do park within our allocated parking spaces. These are directly in front of our building, opposite our building in the pull-in and on the gravel at the side of the building also. Please note, there is no viewing allowed on the Saturday and the auctions are still ONLINE-ONLY currently.

The sale is purely ONLINE-ONLY with LIVE online bidding accepted through our own website (www.leightonhallauctions.com) and Easylive Auctions, whilst phone and absentee bids are gratefully accepted too until 5:30pm on the Friday before the auction! Buyer's Premium is charged at 20% plus VAT (24% VAT inclusive) which is payable on top of the hammer price for every lot unless otherwise stated. Bidding online also incurs an extra charge depending on which platform and option you choose.

Each lot has a full description complimented with at least one picture and in most instances, an accompanying condition report too, which are completed to the best of our ability but should be used as an indication only. If you require further information about a lot's condition, then please don't hesitate to contact us!

Leighton Hall Auctions offers an in-house Postage and Packing facility so please contact us should you have any queries relating to that. Please see our shipping policy for any other queries. We can also assist by recommending couriers for those larger items or ones that aren't suitable for posting.

Collections of purchased lots are welcomed, however, these must also be paid for in advance and pre-arranged due to the lots being stored securely off-site to ensure we can have the lots here for you to collect without any problems. Collections are to be made from Tuesday to Friday in the week following the sale from 8AM until 5PM. All lots must be paid for and collected/ posted arranged 5 working days after the auction, unless otherwise agreed prior to the auction. If goods aren't collected within 5 days of the auction, then a storage charge of £1 per day per lot will be added as we sadly can't continue to offer free storage. If you have difficulty to collect within 5 days, then please speak to us and we will be more than happy to help where we can!

Please note: we sadly can't allow collections of items on auction days due to our wonderful team of staff being extremely busy with the auction. We apologise for this.

Please contact us before arriving at our premises to ensure someone is around to help you and ensure we can ensure your lots are onsite, and not in our storage facility offsite.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our office at any point during normal working hours! Please note, it is unlikely we will be able to answer the phone on sale day due to being occupied with the sale. We shall be available from Monday to Friday everyday otherwise from 9AM until 5PM.

We hope you enjoy looking through the catalogue and we all look forward to dealing with you!

Best wishes,

Toby Hall

Auctioneer/ Managing Director
Sale Dates:
20th July 2024 from 9:30am - (Lots 1 to 652)

Fees apply to the hammer price:

Room and Absentee Bids:
24.00% inc VAT*

Online and Autobid:
27.6% inc VAT*

*These fees include buyers premiums and internet surcharges.
Please see the Terms & Conditions for more information



In these terms of business: Leighton Hall Auctions Ltd is referred to as ‘Leighton Hall Auctions’. The Leighton Hall Auctions representative conducting the auction is referred to as the ‘auctioneer’.

The auctioneer normally acts as agent only and disclaims any responsibility for default by sellers or buyers if the transaction is not completed and paid for.

The seller acknowledges that lots are sold subject to the stipulations of these Conditions in their entirety and on the Terms of Consignment.

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of statements relating to authorship, descriptions, origin, date, age, provenance and condition of lots. Statements made orally or in the catalogue are opinions given after careful consideration and research. Prospective buyers are given ample opportunity to view lots before any sale. When bidding, buyers acknowledge that they are fully satisfied as to the description and condition of the lot.

(a) If the forename(s) (or asterisks where not known) and surname of the artist are given, this indicates that in the opinion of Leighton Hall Auctions the picture is a work by the named artist.
(b) If the initials of the forename(s) and the surname of the artist are given, this indicates that in the opinion of Leighton Hall Auctions the picture is a work of the period of the named artist and may be wholly or in part his work.
(c) If the surname of the artist is given, this indicates that in the opinion of Leighton Hall Auctions the picture is a work of the same school of the named artist, or by one of his followers, or in his style and of uncertain date.
(d) The term ‘Bears signature’ indicates that in the opinion of Leighton Hall Auctions this is not the signature of the artist.
(e) All other terms are self-explanatory.

Notwithstanding Condition 4, any lot which proves to be a deliberate forgery may be returned to us by you within 21 days of the auction provided it is in the same condition as when bought, and is accompanied by particulars identifying it from the relevant catalogue description and a written statement of defects. If we are satisfied from the evidence provided that the lot is a deliberate forgery we shall refund the money paid by you for the lot including any buyer’s premium.

Every person on Leighton Hall Auctions premises before, during or after a sale shall be deemed to be there at their own risk and shall have no claim against Leighton Hall Auctions in respect of any injury they may sustain or any accident which may occur.
Any dispute not covered in these terms of business will be settled at the sole discretion of Leighton Hall Auctions.

We shall have the right at our discretion, to refuse admission to our premises or attendance at our auctions by any person. Unless stated, our auctions are online-only with no room bidding currently permitted.

a) Any right to compensation for losses liabilities and expenses incurred in respect of and as a result of any breach of the Conditions and any exclusions provided by them shall be available to the seller and/or the auctioneer as appropriate.
b) Such rights and exclusions shall extend to and be deemed to be for the benefit of employees and agents of the seller and/or the auctioneer who may themselves enforce them.
Any notice to any buyer, seller, bidder or viewer may be given by first class mail or email in which case it shall be deemed to have been received by the addressee 48 hours after posting.
Special terms may be used in catalogue descriptions of particular classes of terms in which case the descriptions must be interpreted in accordance with any glossary appearing at the commencement of the catalogue.
Any indulgence extended to bidders, buyers or sellers by us notwithstanding the strict terms of the Conditions or of the Terms of Consignment shall affect the position at the relevant time only and in respect of that particular concession only; in all other respects these Conditions shall be construed as having full force and effect.
English law applies to the interpretation of these Conditions.?


In these Terms the words ‘you’, ‘yours’, etc. refer to the Seller and if the consignment of goods to us is made by an agent we assume that the Seller has authorised the consignment and that the consignor has the Seller’s authority to contract. Similarly the words ‘we’, ‘us’ etc. refer to Leighton Hall Auctions.

The Seller warrants that possession in the lots can be transferred to the Buyer with good and marketable title, free from any third party right and encumbrances, claims or potential claims. The Seller has provided all information concerning the items ownership, condition and provenance, attribution, authenticity, import or export history and of any concerns expressed by third parties concerning the same.

Commission is charged to sellers at a flat rate of 15% plus VAT on each lot. There is a entry fee of £2.00 (+VAT) per lot sold or unsold.

Items for sale must be consigned to the saleroom by and stated deadline and at your expense. We may be able to assist you with this process but any liability incurred to a carrier for haulage charges is solely your responsibility.

a) Loss and Damage Warranty – Leighton Hall Auctions is not authorised by the FSA to provide insurance to its clients and does not do so. However, Leighton Hall Auctions for their own protection, assumes liability for property consigned to it at the lower pre-sale estimate until the hammer falls. The liability assumed by Leighton Hall Auctions shall be limited to the lower pre-sale estimate or the hammer price if the lot is sold.

b) If the owner of the goods consigned instructs us in writing not to take such action, the goods then remain entirely at the owners risk unless and until the property in them passes to the Buyer or they are collected by or on behalf of the owner, and clause 5(a) is inapplicable.


There is currently no extra charge for the providing of specialist auction photographs.

Goods will normally be offered subject to a reserve agreed between us before the sale in accordance with clause 8. Any lots under £30 will be sold without reserve unless otherwise agreed. We may sell lots below the reserve provided if we can account to you for the same sale proceeds as you would have received had the reserve been the hammer price. If you specifically give us a “discretion” we may accept a bid of up to 10% below the formal reserve.

a) You are entitled to place prior to the auction a reserve on any lot consigned, being the minimum hammer price at which that lot may be sold. Reserves must be reasonable and we may decline to offer goods which in our opinion would be subject to unreasonably high reserves {in which case goods carry the storage (Condition 17).
b) A reserve once set cannot be changed except with our consent.
c) Where a reserve has been placed only we may bid on your behalf and only up to the reserve (if any) and you may in no circumstances bid personally.
d) Reserves are not usually accepted for lots expected to realise below £30.

These are subject to detailed statutory safety controls. Where such items are accepted for sale you accept responsibility for the cost of testing by external contractors. Goods not certified as safe by an electrician (unless antiques) will not be accepted for sale. They must be removed at your expense on your being notified. We reserve the right to dispose of unsafe goods as refuse, at your expense.

The sale of soft furnishings is strictly regulated by statute law in the interests of fire safety. Goods found to infringe safety regulations will not be offered and must be removed at your expense. We reserve the right to dispose of unsafe goods as refuse, at your expense. The rights of disposal referred to in clauses 9 and 10 are subject to the provisions of The Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977, Schedule 1, a copy of which is available for inspection upon request.

Please assist us with accurate information as to the provenance etc. of goods where this is relevant. There is strict liability for the accuracy of descriptions under modern consumer legislation and in some circumstances responsibility lies with sellers if inaccuracies occur. We will assume that you have approved the catalogue description of your lots unless informed to the contrary. Where we are obliged to return the price to the buyer when the lot is a deliberate forgery under Condition 4 of the Conditions of Sale and we have accounted to you for the proceeds of sale you agree to reimburse us the sale proceeds.

If an item is unsold it may at our discretion be re-offered at a future sale. Where in our opinion an item is unsaleable you must collect such items from the saleroom promptly on being so informed. Otherwise, storage charges may be incurred. If preferred, we can also donate to charity on your behalf.

These are liable to incur charges on being bought in or withdrawn after being catalogued.

You agree that all goods will be sold subject to our Conditions of Sale. In particular you undertake that you have the right to sell the goods either as owner or agent for the owner. You undertake to compensate us and any buyer or third party for all losses, liabilities and expenses incurred in respect of and as a result of any breach of this undertaking.

You authorise us to deduct commission at the stated rate and all expenses incurred from your account from the hammer price and consent to our right to retain beneficially the premium paid by the buyer in accordance with our Conditions of Sale and any interest earned on the sale proceeds until the date of settlement. You authorise us at our discretion to negotiate a sale by private treaty not later than the close of business 48 hours after the day of sale in the case of lots unsold at auction, in which case the same charges will be payable as if such lots had been sold at auction and so far as appropriate these Terms apply.

We disclaim all liability for goods delivered to our saleroom without sufficient sale instructions and reserve the right to make storage charges.

Subject to funds having cleared in our account we aim to pay you no later than three weeks following the sale. If the buyer has not paid for the goods no settlement will be made but we will take your instructions in the light of our Conditions of Sale. You authorise any sums owed by you to us on other transactions to be deducted from the sale proceeds. Please note the liability to reimburse the proceeds of sale to us as under the circumstances provided for in Condition 11 above and you should therefore bear this in mind before parting with the proceeds of sale.


The following notes are intended to assist buyers particularly those who may be inexperienced or new to our saleroom. All sales are conducted in accordance with our Conditions of Sale. Our staff will be happy to help you with anything you do not fully understand.

As auctioneers we usually contract as agents for the seller whose identity, for reasons of confidentiality, is not normally disclosed. Accordingly, if you buy your primary contract is with the seller.

The highest bidder acknowledged as such by the auctioneer will be the buyer. If any dispute arises, the auctioneer has absolute discretion to settle the matter. The auctioneer rules the bidding and bids cannot be retracted. The auctioneer reserves the right to refuse any bid.

The successful bidder, whether bidding for himself or for a third party, is entirely responsible for paying for the lots they have bought in accordance with Leighton Hall Auctions’ Conditions of Sale and Business. The auctioneer reserves the right to bid on behalf of the sellers for any lot and to withdraw, consolidate or divide any lot or lots.

Unless registered already on a bidding platform, it is essential that all prospective buyers register with us, giving their full name, address, contact telephone number(s) and email address. First time buyers will be required to provide proof of identity (i.e. driving licence/passport), a valid debit or credit card and a copy of a utility bill confirming their name and address. Upon receipt of the above a paddle will be issued, which is only valid for the current sale. The paddle may be used to indicate your bids to the Auctioneer during the sale. If successful, the bidder must ensure that their number can be seen by the Auctioneer and that it is their number that is called out. Should there be any doubts as to price or buyer, please draw the Auctioneer’s attention to it immediately.

The auctioneers reserve the right to rescind / cancel any invoices and purchases without providing any further information or comments.

There is a buyer’s premium of 20 per cent plus VAT on the hammer price of each lot. Additional fees may apply if you bid online however these shall be stated on each bidding platform.

Lots on which the buyer may have to pay VAT on the ‘hammer price’ are indicated in the catalogue with the following symbol *. The buyer must pay this VAT at the rates that apply on the day of the auction in addition to the buyer’s premium and VAT thereon.

This scheme allows auctioneers to sell items without VAT on the hammer price. The buyer then pays an amount equivalent to VAT. This amount cannot be refunded and is not shown separately on the invoice.

Buyers must pay in full before items can be removed from the premises (please see “payment methods” below).
Invoices will be issued from the day of the sale. Buyers must pay their invoice in full within 5 working days and advise when they will be collecting their item(s). Any invoices which remain unpaid after seven days will incur interest at 5% above the base rate, charged from the date of the sale. If buyers are unknown to us, we cannot hand over purchases unless we have adequate references or payment is cleared.

Payment Methods
We accept payment by:
Cash – up to £9,000 (subject to money laundering regulations).
Cheques – bankers draft, cashiers cheque, personal cheques and travellers cheques are all accepted.
Credit cards - we accept a maximum payment of £250 by Visa or MasterCard (American Express or Diners Club not accepted)
Debit cards - Visa, Delta, Switch, Connect (we accept a maximum payment of £250 by phone).

We can only accept a maximum amount of upto £1500 via card payments. For amounts greater than this, these must be made via a Bank Transfer, as below, or Cash upon collection. We accept upto £500 on Credit Cards and £1500 on Debit Cards.

Bank transfer to:
Natwest Bank, Burslem Fountain Place.
Account no. 25380354
Account name Leighton Hall Auctions
Sort code 01-01-38
IBAN GB26NWBK01013825380354
Please note that a fee of £15 will be added for international bank payment.

Please be aware that goods can only be released for collection and postage when the payment has cleared. For online payments such as a card or a bank transfer, this can sometimes take up to 2 days, depending on your bank or card provider.

Live online auctions are in conjunction with the-saleroom.com, leightonhallauctions.com and easyliveauction.com
We ask that you register for the sale a minimum of 24 hours before the auction.
When you have registered, you can watch the auction in real time; simply click the bid button to place a bid.
If your bid is successful we will notify you after the sale for payment. Charges will be made for internet bidding dependent on the auction platform. See their terms and conditions for details.
Each lot is the buyer’s sole responsibility from the fall of the hammer.
If instructed, Leighton Hall Auctions will execute bids and advise prospective buyers. This service is free.
Buyers who cannot bid live online in a sale may leave their bid with our staff after/during viewing, or make their bid in advance by telephone or email (info@leightonhallauctions.com). Such bids are placed at the buyer’s own risk.
Bids must be made at least one hour before the sale starts, but we advise buyers to make bids at the earliest possible opportunity. When making bids, buyers must provide:
Their full name
Email address
Contact telephone numbers
The number of the lot they wish to buy
Their maximum bid amount – excluding commission which will be added to the invoice afterwards.
Buyers must state what their maximum bid would be. We cannot accept an instruction to ‘buy’ or unlimited bid.

We will ensure that lots are bought as cheaply as possible depending on the bids made and other reserves. If identical bids are placed, they will be dealt with on a “first come first served” basis.

Lines for telephone bidding should be booked 24 hours before the auction. Lines are booked on a “first come first served basis.” Full name, address and telephone numbers will be required together with proof of identity and address. Bank and credit/debit card details are also necessary to secure the line.
Leighton Hall Auctions will use information provided by its clients or obtained by Leighton Hall Auctions relating to its clients for the provision of auction services or as required by law. Leighton Hall Auctions may need to record telephone conversations for security or legal reasons or as necessary to provide a higher quality of service. Clients agree that Leighton Hall Auctions may use sensitive information that they supply to Leighton Hall Auctions. Unless permitted by law, Leighton Hall Auctions will not otherwise process sensitive personal data without express consent. By agreeing to the Conditions of Sale and Business, clients agree to the processing of their personal information.
Any purchased lots that have not been collected within 30 days from the date of the auction will be subject to handling and storage charges at the following rates:
Small items (such as jewellery, watches, books or ceramics): handling fee of £20 per lot plus storage charges of £2 per lot per day.
Medium items (such as most paintings or small items of furniture): handling fee of £30 per lot plus storage charges of £4 per lot per day.
Large items (items that cannot be lifted or moved by one person alone):- handling fee of £40 per lot plus storage charges of £8 per lot per day.
Oversized items (such as monumental sculptures): handling fee of £80 per lot plus storage charges of £10 per lot per day.
A lot’s size with be determined by Leighton Hall Auctions on a case by case basis (typical examples given above are for illustration purposed only)
All charges are subject to VAT, where applicable. All charges are payable to Leighton Hall Auctions Auctioneers at our saleroom in Stone.
Storage charges will cease for purchased lots which are shipped through Leighton Hall Auctions shipping service from the date on which we have received a signed quote acceptance from you.
Buyers are reminded the Leighton Hall Auctions accepts liability for loss or damage to lots for a maximum period of thirty (30) days after the date of the auction.

These are sold as ‘antiques’ only and if bought for use must be checked over for compliance with safety regulations.

Buyers intending to export goods should check whether an export licence is required and whether there is any specific prohibition on importing goods of that character because e.g. they may contain prohibited materials such as ivory. Ask us if you need help.

We offer a packing and despatch service for smaller lots however there is a reasonable charge for this service. We also use national and local carriers. Further details can be obtained from our office.
A work of art by a living artist, or those who have died within the last 70 years, which costs more than the UK sterling equivalent of €1,000 will incur a royalty charge. We pass this payment onto the Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS), and do not charge a handling fee. Buyers can calculate royalty charges on the DACS website.
Items marked with the † symbol in the catalogue will potentially incur royalty payments.
We use the euro to UK sterling exchange rate which applies on the day of the sale. It is the buyer’s responsibility to check the relevant exchange rate.
The actual qualifying threshold is calculated by the Artist’s Resale Right Service Hub based on the European Central Bank reference rate published at 2.15pm on the day of the sale, and can be found on the DACS website.
The royalty charge for pictures which achieve a hammer price of more than the UK sterling equivalent of €1,000, but less that the UK sterling equivalent of €50,000 is 4%. On works of art that achieve a hammer price of more than the UK sterling equivalent of €50,000 a sliding scale of royalty charges applies. For a complete list of the royalty charges and threshold levels please download more information from the DACS website.
The royalty charge is added to invoices, and must be paid before purchases are removed. VAT is not paid on royalty charges.

Clients intending to import/export any item derived from natural history specimens into/from a non-European country should first check for any Import/Export and possession restrictions prior to bidding/selling.
Certain species (?) are also subject to CITES regulations when exporting/importing these items out of the EU. CITES regulations are given on www.ukcites.gov.uk or maybe obtained from Animal Health, Wildlife Licensing and Registration Service, Zone 1/17, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Bristol BS1 6EB. Those species that are covered by the US Endangered Species Act (USESA) or The Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA): potential US bidders should check with USF&W (US Fish and Wildlife Services) for trade/possession restrictions in the US prior to bidding.
Leighton Hall Auctions offers an in-house post and packing service for most items that are sold through our auctions. The minimum charge applied for our services will be £12.50 plus VAT (UK) and will depend on the weight, size, quantity and nature of the items that need to be posted. We refuse the right to pack and post any items that we deem unfit. The price for packaging and posting will reflect the cost of shipping, the packaging materials and time taken to suitably package your items. We do try to keep postage as reasonable as possible. If you request a quote, there is no obligation to accept and you are welcome to arrange your own courier / shipping through Mailboxes Ltd or similar services.

You can find out more information about Packaging and Postage on our website here: https://www.leightonhallauctions.com/packaging-and-posting/

We aren’t professional packers but have experience of posting a range of items to both domestic and international destinations. We cant take responsibility for any parcels if they have been lost or broken if they aren’t insured. If any import tax or duty needs to be paid, then this will become the buyer's responsibility to pay.

Postage needs to be arranged and paid for no later than 5 working days after the auction. Parcels will be sent as soon as possible but can take up to 2 weeks after payment has cleared to be dispatched.

For ALL international postage enquiries, please contact us prior to bidding.
All items will be sent using a tracked service and the recipient will assume full responsibility when it leaves our saleroom. Insurance can be purchased by the buyer at a cost of 3% + VAT of the hammer price. If not insured, then we will not accept responsibility for the parcel(s) should they arrive damaged or get lost in transit.

For larger items, we can’t offer postage, however, we do work closely with a range of couriers who can offer their services. Please contact us for details.
Alternatively, you can arrange your own postage or collection but please notify us of your arrangements.

If you are planning to collect your items in person, please ensure you contact us prior to arrange a date and time to collect your lots to ensure we have them for you.
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